Use of GIS systems to analyze soil compressibility, swelling and bearing capacity under superficial foundations in Algiers region, Algeria

Fatiha‎ Debiche, Ratiba Mitiche Kettab, Mohammed Amin‎ Benbouras, Bilal Benbellil, Lynda Djerbal, Alexandru-Ionut Petrişor

Rezumat/Abstract. Nowadays, information about geotechnical parameters and future stability of soil is highly demanded by geotechnical laboratories and companies. The use of geotechnical information systems integrated in a GIS offers a better manipulation of the geotechnical parameters of different sites for a general exploitation of storage, manipulation, management and analysis of geotechnical data. The aim of the current research is to present the results of studies developed to set up a geotechnical database for Algiers region using «Géo-Base» information system developed within the framework of this research and integrated in a GIS through a descriptive statistical analysis of mechanical and geophysical identification parameters of velocity measurements collected from 1200 survey profiles located on 80% of the surface of the region. The visualization of geotechnical maps of bearing, consolidation, settlement, swelling of soils at any depth of Algiers region are obtained by manipulating the system technology produced as part of this research. These results are very helpful to builders, planners, researchers and engineers in their future work; they will help them making better decisions and producing safer and more economical designs. Furthermore, this research allows establishing the first geotechnical map of Algiers region.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: geotechnical information system, geographical information systems, geotechnical maps, consolidation, bearing capacity

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