Information system for parametric architecture, dedicated to spaces allocation

Farid Rahal, Zahra Hadjou

Rezumat/Abstract. The parametric approach to architectural design is intended to help architects in the generation of complex types of shapes and of volumes, taking into account data on different areas affecting the architectural project. The tools of BIM technology (Building Information Modeling) are finding success in this digital approach. However, some projects require the mastery of a very large number of parameters but above all, the opportunity to change the values quickly and easily, according to the needs and to the arising of constraints. The spaces allocation in a project is a significant example as it requires massive data management and their combination. The solution would be an information system dedicated to the management of all project data, and which would be automatically linked to a computer assisted drawing tool. The aid system thus designed, gives flexibility and adaptability to the projects involving a large volume of information.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: information system, parametric architecture, grid, computer assisted drawing, space planning

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