Contributions to WG4 outcome photographic database and competitions of COST RELY

Maria Bostenaru Dan

Rezumat/Abstract. Due to heavy urbanisation, approaches in greener cities are required. This is addressed by a number of initiatives, including seeing the city as an ecosystem, and the dialogue between economy and ecology. Sustainable and resilient cites mean connection between the city and the landscape, bringing the landscape into the city, for example through nature based solutions such as green walls or through more open spaces which are green, such as urban parks. In this context the landscape quality of the city can be judged. The renewable energy in the city can relate to solar energy of the passive house which can be a house of heavy geo-materials. In this contribution the approach to sustainable and resilient cities, includes the approach to renewable energy and landscape quality.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: renewable energy, hydro-energy, wind energy, solar energy, dissemination

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