Metamorphosis of Mass Housing Cities: Case of El Amel neighborhood in Biskra (Algeria)

Amara Hima, Abdelmalek Tacherift, Abdelkader Abdellaoui

Rezumat/Abstract. The technical Post Occupancy Evaluation: interview, the questioning and wayfinding analysis (pedestrian movement) by “movement traces” are used in this paper to analyze and understand the metamorphosis’ investigation in cities mass housing; case of El-Amel neighborhood in Biskra city. This was taken in order to understand the relationship between the redistribution space-usage and socio-spatial dysfunction, as well as the pedestrian frequentation movement level and, in the end, the transformation of the facades and outdoor spaces appropriations. The investigation results of model analysis wayfinding by “movement traces”, shows that the majority of pedestrians prefer diagonally straight roads and shorter axes in the direction of the new equipment, in adjacent spaces, within the city. Therefore, these axes which have direct impact show insecurity in this case study and the transformation of the façades as well as a new appropriation of the outdoor spaces.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: transformation and appropriation of outdoor spaces, wayfinding, movement traces, post occupancy evaluation, El-Amel neighborhood in Biskra

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