The reasons of metamorphosis and abundance of Kabylian vernacular houses

Walid Hamma

Rezumat/Abstract. Kabylia suffers from the abundance of its ancient villages and the metamorphosis of its traditional houses, which has led to a very advanced degradation and a loss of the authenticity of its old constructions. To understand the phenomenon of exodus, the reasons for its abundant villages and the remodeling of historical buildings, we adopted two approaches, the first is sociological through the use of questionnaire and the second is architectural through use of the method of morphological analysis. After survey, we first highlighted the reasons for the abundant which are economic at 74.89%, educational at 17.00%, social at 4.05%, political at 3.23% and religious at 0.83%. Then, the reasons for the metamorphosis of Kabyle houses, which are structural at 25.20%, functional at 31.70%, spatial at 34.95%, aesthetics at 4.06%, thermal insulation at 2.43% and sound insulation at 1.62%. Finally, the architectural parts changed are the structure at 69.10%, the materials at 13.01%, the roof at 98.37%, the facade at 39.02%, the decoration at 45.52%, the operation at 82.92%, the spaces at 85.63%, the area at 85.63% Thermal insulation at 13.82%, noise insulation at 7.31% and carpentry at 96.74%.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: metamorphosis, abundant, vernacular houses, Kabylia

Text integral/Full text