The role of tourism in structural dynamics of the economic profile of Sighişoara City

Ana Maria Ilie, Grigore Vasile Herman, Ana-Maria Ciobotaru, Alexandra Grecu, Roxana Andreea Radu, Mircea Cristian Vişan, Mihaela Giurgia

Rezumat/Abstract. Tourism activity is complex, it emplies the presence of resources (natural and / or anthropic) to determine the activity itself, to which we can add the presence of the general tourism infrastructure at its highest standards. Lastly, it includes also the active participation of the human factor. In the working methodology, we have used statistical data, between the years 2000-2014, for the following indicators: number of companies, number of employees, turnover and profit. The tourism industry sustains the progress of Sighisoara’s economy, indicates the development of society, causing the city to be included on the list of most sought after tourist destinations, both nationally and internationally. At the same time, tourism determines social welfare by generating new jobs, limiting unemployment, balancing labor, which is a surplus in other sectors (primary and secondary). Results are expressed through graphical representations showing the share of total tourism sector indicators above. It also shows how tourism affects local economic activity and its place in relation to other economic activities.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: economic impact, local economy, Sighişoara

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