Climate change and their consequences on coastal zone of Ain el Turck in Oran

Mohammed Tewfik Bouroumi, Malika Kacemi, Walid Hamma

Rezumat/Abstract. Algeria does not escape the problem of the climate change, its geographical position in zone of transition, and its dry and semi-arid climate, in fact a very vulnerable space. In Algeria, approximately two thirds of the population is concentrated on the coast which represents only 4 % of the territory. The Mediterranean coast, in particular in Algeria, is subjected to pressures: financial stakes, climatic risks, pollutions and conservation of the water. It is on the basis of the critical and objective report with regard to a wild urbanization of the Algerian coast as well as the influence of the demographic pressure that the choice of the search for this article was held. This publication has for objective to raise (to draw up) a current situation (inventory of fixtures) of the sector of the environment in Algeria and to present through the case of the coastal city of Oran the consequences of climate change. We propose, to review the situation through the case of the municipality of Ain El Türck, by basing itself on data relative to the evolution of the temperatures and the sea level.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: companies, employees, turnover, profit, evolutions

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