Method of rehabilitation of old urban fabrics of Tlemcen

Walid Hamma

Rezumat/Abstract. Tlemcen is an ancient city that has an architectural and urban heritage testifying to 18 centuries of history. This city experienced ten rehabilitation strategies that created several architectural and urban interventions to save it. These rehabilitation strategies that are spread from 1960 to 2009 have not yielded the expected results and the city is in continuous degradation. Therefore, we wondered about the real reasons that led to these failures. For this, we compared the different methods of intervention to the theoretical model which is a fusion of several effective methods. It turns out that the majority of these procedures have shortcomings. In addition, these rehabilitations were carried out in a piecemeal manner. If we add the confusion in the prerogatives and the non-involvement of civil society, the reasons for these failures become evident. In conclusion only an effective rehabilitaion method can take over the historic town of Tlemcen in a global way.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: method, rehabilitation, old urban fabrics, historic city, Tlemcen

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