The Algerian coastline between degradation and protection of the heritage: The case of the coastal town of Ain El Turck

Mohammed Tewfik Bouroumi, Lamia Khadidja Beghdoud, Walid Hamma

Rezumat/Abstract. North-west of the country with a coastline has long been the major axis of urbanization. The Oran coast is particularly over-used by unbridled urbanization has given until today no legislation. It is based on a critical observation and objective compared to rapid urbanization of the Algerian coast as the choice of the research topic of this article was chosen. We propose an update of the situation through the case of the municipality of Ain El Türck. Where environmental degradation is the visible consequence of uncontrolled urbanization. As a result, we have asked ourselves two questions which are as follows: Why are we seeing an anarchic urbanization and development? What is the impact in the medium and long term mismanagement on this coast? It turns out that the absence of the local authorities has engendered this anarchic urbanization which will disfigure the urban landscape and make disappear the beach of Ain Turck.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: degradation, heritage, urbanisation, coast, Ain Turck

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