The Nedromien traditional dwelling persistence and changes

Lahcene Khattabi, Mohammed Nabil Ouissi, Souria Salem Zinai

Rezumat/Abstract. The old center of Nedroma, like the majority of the old centers of Algeria, conceals a frozen and unexploited local potential. It is a historic site which contains a variety of contrasted dwelling. This old center, “Médina”, is primarily made up of traditional dwelling - introverted patio type - not exceeding two levels. The traditional type dwelling knew multiple transformations through time, but knew kept its essential component : the patio “West Eddar”. This article proposes an attempt of a reading and a decoding of the traditional house nédromienne and its transformations. Our research will lie lay within a purely analytical inquiry scope of the traditional habitat and like a case of study on the traditional house Nédromiènne. The analysis of the design, the construction and the use of this habitat will reveal a whole an architectural richness thus revealing disclosing a whole major knowledge of the medium, materials, and needs, as well practical as social approach. This study will primarily aim at to revealing the veil on the various transformations which the traditional house Nédromiènne underwent through the various periods of the evolution of the city (what it underwent, which it knew to preserve, and its capacity of adaptation to the various risks…).

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: Nédroma, old center, dwelling, transformations

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