Comparison of Vitality Between Two Streets of Tehran

Mehrnaz Molavi, Fatemeh Jalili

Rezumat/Abstract. This is the urban spaces that make living in a city pleasant and the urban landscape delightful. Vitality, an indispensable feature in the life of a city, is an undeniable gap in many urban spaces today. Spaces lacking vitality make no passion to stop within them and no incentive to pass by them. Over time urban spaces are getting uncrowded and deprived of social life and this event puts the current urban spaces of a country seriously in danger. Given the vitality impact on desirability of urban spaces and the research concern toward this on-the-wane quality, two important streets of Tehran, Enghelab and Vali-e-Asr, were compared to investigate the effective factors in vitality more thoroughly and in terms of several needs of people in urban spaces. According to different spirits of the two streets as well as positive and negative effective factors, the amount of vitality criteria in both spaces was studied through surveys. In this regard, 200 questionnaires, prepared by the authors, have been analyzed. SPSS software was used for statistical analysis and the results were demonstrated in charts. These figures confirm the vitality potential of both spaces. However, it was concluded that the spirit in each of the spaces was different as the atmosphere of the Vali-e-Asr Street was commercial-recreational and the atmosphere of the Enghelab Street was commercial-cultural. The vitality amount of each of them is compared on the basis of their spirits. To strengthen the vitality and encourage people to engage more with the space, some suggestions have been finally presented.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: vitality, urban space, statistical analysis, quality of life

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