Waste management system in the riparian towns of the Romanian Danube sector

Radu Săgeată, Nicoleta Damian, Bianca Mitrică

Rezumat/Abstract. In Romania, managing and recycling household garbage is one of the least performing systems in the European Union. Numerous waste dumping sites are unconformable to European standards, besides there is little garbage recycling. This paper makes a complex waste management analysis of the Romanian Danube riparian towns subjected to strong human pressure; this sector is also of great European interest for the protection of its biodiversity. The main dysfunctions of garbage dumping, the price asked by scavenging services, the steps taken for the ecological management of waste dumping sites in conformity with EU norms and better waste recycling, as well as future measures are also discussed in this paper.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: garbage, ecological dumping sites, recycling

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