Outdoor advertising and urban landscape in Bucharest – a reality between planning and economics practices

Bogdan Suditu, Daniel-Gabriel Vâlceanu, Daniela Dumbrăveanu, Aurel Gheorghilaş, Mihai Tentiş

Rezumat/Abstract. The quality of urban public space presumes, among other aspects, a balance between quantity, distribution and placement of the outdoor advertising. In Romania, despite existice of legislation regarding the placement of outdoor advertising, there is no correlation with any urban planning legislation, so far. The lack of legislative and operational correlation had as effect for the past two decades an excessive and uncontrolled invasion of outdoor advertising, especially in central urban areas. Based on an interdisciplinary approach, the study focuses on a protected built area, with historical monuments, in which the normative elements are explained through their territorial effects, meaning the impact on the quality of public spaces, of the conservation of heritage, the enhancement of urban landscape, the road safety etc.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: outdoor advertising, urban landscape, Bucharest, urban planning, quality of public space, urban heritage

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