Considerations related to housing and seismic risk

Oana Luca, Adrian-Andrei Stănescu, Florin Gaman

Rezumat/Abstract. The paper aims to present the main problems related to the seismic risk and housing in urban settlements in Romania, with special focus on Bucharest, which is the most exposed city. The paper emphasizes the framework related to evolution of technical regulations and seismic safety of residential buildings, highlighting the main dysfunctions in the National Program for Seismic Retrofitting. At the same time, because the collapse of a single residential building may have major negative effects on the surrounding area (buildings, streets, utilities etc.), the paper is proposing a methodology for evaluation of damages which may appear in such a case. The article is also suggesting several solutions for improving the design and expertise process and also for the seismic retrofitting of vulnerable buildings, especially housing.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: seismic retrofitting, technical expertise, damages

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