End of E.U.: Sfiştofca. Steps for saving a traditional community

Marius Voica, Elena Cristina Mândrescu, Ioana Cătălina Vărzaru, Meinhard Breiling

Rezumat/Abstract. Located next to the border of Romania and Ukraine, Sfiştofca is one of the five villages of C.A. Rosetti Municipality of Tulcea County. The strategic geographic location helped the wildness preservation and kept it untouched by the influences of modern times and so it seems to stand aside from the rest of the country’s economic, administrative and social aspect. The study is developing the concept of reconstruction bringing to public opinion the serious risk of village dissolution. The case study approaches the following: introduction in the economic, cultural and social issues, spatial and architectural analysis, tourist opportunities, development and strengthening of the village by presenting solutions and revitalization programs. Finally, the paper presents a practice guide of attendee students. The intended purpose of the paper is to highlight the necessity of interventions in order to prevent the process of community disappearance and bring up solutions to support and preserve features area.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: Danube Delta, Lipovans, sustainability, eco village, workshop

Text integral/Full text