Breaching in light obstacles

Marius Moldovan, Marin Lupoae, Cătălin Baciu, Daniel Constantin

Rezumat/Abstract. Breaching in light obstacles consists in making openings in the non-structural elements of a building with the view to enabling quick access in emergency cases. The light barriers under scrutiny throughout the current paper stand for walls of brick or concrete masonry units, reinforced concrete walls with thicknesses up to 12.5 cm and metal doors. To create breaches, two different kinds of special explosive devices were used, according to the obstacle: cutting and pushing charges. The subject is looked into from two complementary perspectives, that is, the first approach regards the technical solutions of breaching in light obstacles, whereas the latter is concerned with the protection of the emergency team and people to be rescued. The paper under consideration addresses the overall findings of the experimental research regarding breaching in light obstacles based on the above-mentioned perspectives.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: breaching, demolition, military engineering, cutting charge, pushing charge

Text integral/Full text