Electropollution in our urban environment

Alina Cobzaru

Rezumat/Abstract. The paper is a descriptive study based on the scientific results com-ing out from all over the world in the last years (2007-2013), concerning an increasing level of electropollution in our urban environment as a dangerous health threat mostly in the big and crowded urban places. Electropollution is today subject of serious health damages. The paper mention results of several significant studies including the BioInitia-tive Report 2012 prepared by 29 authors from ten countries, and co-vers a series of questions in this field, in our country to raise awareness of specialists in architecture and constructions services, if we may have de-signed sustainable, elegant, functionally efficient building complexes, without a prolonged exposure to radiofrequency and microwave radiations coming from the emitting modern technology.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: electromagnetic pollution, space health, sustainable functionality

Text integral/Full text