United Nations Decade on Biodiversity: Strategies, targets and action plans

Oana Popescu

Rezumat/Abstract. Nowadays, the loss of biodiversity is one of the most serious environmental threats on a global scale, requiring joint international actions for its conservation and sustainable use. Convention on Biological Diversity represents the basis of all strategies, projects and action plans aimed at protecting biodiversity. Within the Sustainable Development Strategy from 2001, European Union has set the target to stop the loss of biodiversity and restoring the habitats and natural systems by 2010. Beginning with 2010, the European strategies are covering the period 2011-2020 – the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity – for which clear targets were set, such as Aichi targets, or those included in the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2020. For Romania, protecting biodiversity is a national priority, reflected in strategic political documents, as is The fifth National Report on the Convention on Biological Diversity (2014), which presents a strategic vision on the Romanian biodiversity for the 2014-2020 horizons.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: biodiversity loss, Aichi targets, Action Plans, protected areas

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