Preserving city color plan, surveying Iranian submontane cities

Mehrnaz Molavi

Rezumat/Abstract. No considering color pallet of the buildings of every city, arouse a debate related to identity and aesthetics of urban environment. This debate is succeeded by researches about the color of cities, from limited hues of traditional city to numerous colors of modern city. The French Lenclos was the first one who after dedicating many years to the color subject, innovated a method of surveying color of cities; which is used by anyone who is researching in this field. This article after mentioning Lenclos’ method of surveying color plan of cities, represents author’s case study in color pallet of Lahijan. Author’s method in this case study is a combination of digital photography and photo shop software along with Lenclos’ method. Results (shown in a bar chart) confirm that although traditional color pallet of the city is still dominant, but it has some differences with citizens’ opinion achieved by interviews and questionnaires.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: color identity, local color, Lenclos’ approach

Text integral/Full text