Bucharest Municipality competitive local economic development through urban regeneration of destructured industrial areas

Mihai-Alexandru Moţcanu-Dumitrescu

Rezumat/Abstract. The disappearance of part of the industrial areas in the European cities in recent years has allowed the expansion and planning of new public and / or semi-public spaces, more they opened new developing perspectives for cities. Rehabilitation of old industrial areas in the spirit of ecological concepts is the main concern for many European cities. Because of changes in technology and high-tech technology dissemination and transfer of manufacturing to services, the economic profile of European countries appear radically changed. Conservation and reconversion of the city valuable historic particularity (including the industrial and technological heritage) in the form of cultural and artistic goods is part of the new trend of urban regeneration, which is a mainly a strategy to attract private capital.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: underutilized, outdated, multifunctional, accessibility, transformation.

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