About possible architectural routes and lectures. Bucharest - a short study

Marina Mihăilă

Rezumat/Abstract. Present paper is a study on architectural trails, routes, projects and possible perspectives on future ones in Bucharest. It is a first study from a series of many intended by the author, meant to list the existent cultural studies and interventions and suggest new path and links between tradition and innovation. The article proposes a discussion on Bucharest’s architectural routes and lectures, from a city-view understanding and an architectural-artistic perspective. Observations are noted in the sense of urban space perception, its visibility as a whole but also as landmarks, places, etc. Several referenced professional studies and maps are the base of the present paper, most of which in online space, available for architecture tourists and also for urban-local culture.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: public space, tradition, innovation, culture, identity

Text integral/Full text