Danube area spatial integration by stimulating the Romanian port cities regeneration

Marius Voica, Vasile Meiţă, Elena Stancu

Rezumat/Abstract. Romania is crossed through by the Danube, the main European river course, the Romanian port cities being an important item of the European river network. Ports as Galati, Tulcea, Giurgiu are part of the Pan-European Corridor IV, assuring the Eastern link for the merchandises entering Europe through some of the main ports as Rotterdam, Wien, Mainz or Strasbourg. Their strategic location is offering the Romanian ports the opportunity of becoming the main gate for the water traffic between Asia and Occident. The paper is developing the concept of urban regeneration of the port cities and their spatial integration within the Danube influence area. The objective is to propose an analyze frame for the port – city system, to identify the possible strategies and actions for promoting the local development and port – cities regeneration supporting. The paper process has the following approaches: the assessment of the economic development, tourist opportunities, culture and nature resources as a support for tourism development and strengthening into the port cities. Population relationships, opportunities within the crossing border area these port cities are having in view are analyzed. The intended purpose of the paper is to highlight the functional particularities of port cities and to elaborate a scenario of planning approach to their study implications promoted regeneration of socio-economic and ecological assessments.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: Danube, ports, regeneration

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