Economic valorization of tourism potential in the Romania-Bulgaria border area - correlation analysis

Cristina Burtea

Rezumat/Abstract. This paper aims to highlight how tourism, especially tourism in border areas is affecting the economic development of the territories. Tourism is considered to be one of the sectors with the greatest potential to generate economic growth worldwide. It may represent, however, a significant increase in support for emerging economies and an important element in reducing poverty and disparities between regions. Romania-Bulgaria border area is situated in a geographical area with remarkable natural potential, alongside the Danube River and Black Sea coastal zone. The paper addresses issues that range from the general vision of researchers regarding the influence of tourism on the economy, cross-border tourism, and aspects of the Romania and Bulgaria’s level of tourism competitiveness in international context. Finally, the article presents a critical analysis of the links between economic and tourism development in the counties, respectively, in the districts of Romania-Bulgaria border area, by correlating specific indicators homogeneous collected by the involved countries.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: tourism, cross-border tourism, Romania-Bulgaria, economic growth

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