A short study on imaging new towers within the city. Students projects

Marina Mihăilă, Mihaela (Grigorescu) Zamfir, Ştefan Mihăilescu

Rezumat/Abstract. Present article aims to discuss project proposals on the thematic of new towers from the teaching point of view in architecture. The debate regarding high office buildings is released from its financial constrains mainly by the use of a theoretical process focused on conceptual approach regarding the urban integration of the design to better address the concerns of the relation between the new object and the city. Tutoring a complex architecture project involves lectures and interdisciplinary debates on the theme of constituted urban landscape and morphology, culture, identity, history, memory, place and people – all these being important for the project inception. Sustainable urban management and increased density could be very strong arguments in motivating the analysis of city tendencies, its evolution, nature and its structure. All these are only exercises which synthesize a wide range of knowledge from different domains, the lecture of the dedicated site, and the best answer to a specific brief considering a very complex context of future sustainable approach as the suitable attitude regarding the city and its built environment, as well as using the necessary skills and methods to stimulate creativity and research by design.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: architecture, teaching, tall buildings, sustainability, community

Text integral/Full text