Romanian railway system in European context

Anca-Andreea Ghiţuleasa, Liviu Gabriel Ghiţuleasa

Rezumat/Abstract. The paper studies the constant and continuous concern for how speed - through high-speed train - influences rail joints, which in turn contributes to urban competitiveness, by improving quality transit area. Also, because rail station building quality and safety are enforced by the European Union, this paper brings into attention a lot of observations on Romanian railway buildings architecture. Unfortunately, in Romania there are no equivalent high-speed tracks, the rail network is partly electrified, with no flagship technology. In fact, new national upgraded lines do not employ 20th century engineering. With no elimination of constrictions such as at-grade crossings, no upgraded buildings and with no range of quality services for passengers, Romanian railway accumulates deficiencies over a period longer than twenty years.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: railway station, passengers, architecture, national situation, social progress

Text integral/Full text