Project of Intervention Works to Restore a Historical Complex - Part I

Nicolae Boţu, Alina Cobzaru, Dan Carastoian, George Maftei

Rezumat/Abstract. The historical monument called Yellow Ravine (Râpa Galbenă, Rom.) of Iaşi, subject of a consolidation and rehabilitation, has been in a constant state of decay for several years, up to 2005, when started a project of intervention works to save the complex. The paper details the need of using the method of lowering the level of groundwater for removing and/or monitoring the level of ascending groundwater. The method helps to create conditions to eliminate the source of water through siphon drain systems, in order to dry out the damaged structure of this historic monument.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: gravity drainage, siphon drains, ascending groundwater

Text integral/Full text