Hygrothermal long-term behavior assessment for building elements

Alina Cobzaru, Victoria Cotorobai

Rezumat/Abstract. The paper started, based on the results of INCD URBAN INCERC Iasi research project, from a series of questions raised by the long term assessment for the hygrothermal behavior of building elements, often belonging to cultural heritage. The paper refers, to the efficient methods for investigation, to analyze possible solutions, in the project proposals for intervention works. As an option are the non invasive solutions to a long term assessment, most often qualitative, through numerical simulation for the hygrothermal response of the rehabilitated objective. The paper includes results of numerical simulation on medium term with WUFI software for masonry brick elements of 75 cm thick.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: methods for investigation, numerical simulation, WUFI

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