Aspects of flexural behavior of high strength concrete elements with or without steel fibers

Gheorghe-Alexandru Bărbos

Rezumat/Abstract. Steel fiber reinforced high strength concrete (SFRHSC) is concrete made of hydraulic cements containing fine or fine and coarse aggregate and discontinuous discrete steel fibers. In tension, SFRHSC fails only after the steel fiber breaks or is pulled out of the cement matrix. A more general and current approach to the mechanics of fiber reinforcing assumes a crack arrest mechanism based on fracture mechanics. In this model, the energy to extend a crack and debond the fibers in the matrix relates to the properties of the composite. The designers may best view SFRHSC as a concrete with increased strain capacity, impact resistance, energy absorption, fatigue endurance and tensile strength.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: steel fiber reinforced high strength concrete, bending, design

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