Contemporary environment challenges in waterfront development

Dragoş Horia Buhociu

Rezumat/Abstract. Today we see the results of people constantly and increasingly degrading coastal ecosystems all over the world. This degradation is reducing the natural long-term capacity of unspoiled ecosystems to provide a good quality of life and also regeneration. Although there are significant differences in the level of global changes and the activist citizenry is gaining field, a negative trend can be observed, favoring the damage of the environment. To address this situation, the coastal areas management has to be seen not just as a plan but as a process, as building a coherent plan for coastal zone management is similar to building a house from its foundation. It is essentially an iterative process that puts together natural and social sciences, while considering the needs and interests of a wide range of stakeholders.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: environmental management, coastal areas, waterfront development

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