Banca de date SP VRANCEA NT - Prelucrări ale înregistrărilor cutremurelor vrâncene / SP VRANCEA NT database – Processing Vrancea earthquake records [in Romanian]

Ioan Sorin Borcia, Iolanda-Gabriela Craifaleanu, Ioan Constantin Praun, Nicoleta Florenţa Tănase

Rezumat/Abstract. The SP VRANCEA NT Database (Strong Earthquakes with Epicenters in the Vrancea Seismogenic Zone - Records at Ground Level) contains results obtained by the processing of Vrancea ground level seismic motions recorded from the seismic networks of Romania (INCERC, INCDFP and ISPH-GEOTEC), Bulgaria and Republic of Moldova. The equations of definition and the computed values of peak ground acceleration, peak ground velocity and peak ground displacement - as well as their “effective” values, corner (control) periods, Tc (velocity / acceleration) and Td (displacement / velocity), response spectra and instrumental intensity spectra are provided. The SP VRANCEA NT Database can be accessed from the NRDI URBAN INCERC website (, by clicking the link “RNSC” or, alternatively, by directly using the web address The link to the database is displayed on the first page (“Database of information and seismic records RNSC URBAN-INCERC”). In order to access the database, signing in (with name, e mail, phone and, optionally, remarks) is required. The user can then download the database file ( and the corresponding user manuals (

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: seismic records, instrumental intensities, response spectra, databases

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