Importanţa analizei de mediu în realizarea unui proiect urban durabil. Arealul Berzei – Plevnei – Ştirbei Vodă / Importance of environmental analysis for a sustainable urban project. Berzei – Plevnei – Ştirbei Vodă area [in Romanian]

Radu Matei Cocheci

Rezumat/Abstract. The present need for a sustainable urban development is leading to a complex approach in urban planning. The objective today is not only to assure the economical development of a city, but to do so while taking into account aspects such as environmental quality and social equity. As a result, the environmental status’ assesment of an urban area (with all of the components that it implies: analysis of the phyisico-geographical and economical elements, the human transformation of the environment, sources of environmental degradation, quality indicators etc.) can become an indispensable tool in the design and planning of an urban space. Such an assesment can emphasize on the environmental problems which have a significant impact on the quality of life in a given territory. In addition, once the problems with which an area is confronted are known, urban communities can start conceiving strategies in order to improve that area’s status. The territory chosen to explain this methodology contains much of the environmental problems of contemporary cities (air pollution caused mainly by car traffic, uncontrolled waste depostis, functional incompatibility, pollution caused by construction sites). The dynamic of this urban territory in recent years determines the need to conceive a coherent urban strategy that should consider solving not only the urban-related problems, but the environmental ones as well.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: environmental assesment of urban areas, urban planning in small urban areas, urban geographical analysis, quality of life in urban areas, sustainable development in urban areas

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