Beton cu pulberi reactive armate cu fibre din oţel / Reactive powder concrete enforced with steel fiber [in Romanian]

Ofelia Corbu, Henriette Szilágyi, Dumitru Moldovan, Maria Pop

Rezumat/Abstract. Ultra High Strength and Performance Concrete development is a relatively new industry. The last 150 years have shown that despite of a constant increasing resistance for the concrete, the practical applications were often behind to these innovations in materials science. This appears to be due to increased costs as the resistance increases per unit volume and a caution restraint to use new materials in practical applications. This paper is intended to be as an encouragement to present a practical structural applications of Ultra High Performance Concrete (BUIP) or reactive powder concrete (BPR), first developed in Romania, by using locally available materials, including waste reusing and thereby making an ecological green concrete. This concrete has a viscous consistency but a slump flow similar to the self compacting concrete (SCC), and compressive strength values exceed 150 MPa (150 ÷ 200 MPa).

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: Ultra high strength and performance concrete, green concrete, local materials, structural applications

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