Aspecte privind coroziunea armăturii în betonul stâlpilor liniilor electrice aeriene cu secţiune inelară / Aspects of enforcement corrosion in the concrete of aerial electric line pillar with ringed section [in Romanian]

Gheorghe Croitoru

Rezumat/Abstract. Specific requests are analyzed priestesses concrete pillars, which are predominantly bending applications and/or torsion. These requests often causes cracks that contribute to ease the discharge of aggressive mass concrete, which leads to corrosion of reinforcement pillars. Cracks in concrete pillar reinforcement that reaches the surface, facilitates the penetration of aggressive substances, facilitates local damage of steel passivity. Reinforcement corrosion control was achieved by determining the position and diameter of steel reinforcement, determining the degree of corrosion of reinforcement. Using laws of diffusion and diffusion coefficients measured were traced curves Cl-content and OH-ions at depth x on the time.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: corrosion, steel reinforced concrete, diffusion

Text integral/Full text