Indicele calităţii locuirii – instrument de evaluare a calităţii locuirii urbane / Habitat quality index – instrument for assessing the quality of urban habitat [in Romanian]

Daniel-Gabriel Vâlceanu, Laura Zulaica

Rezumat/Abstract. Housing Quality Index (HQI) is an analysis tool of urban housing and its assessment of the quality. Development of this indicator based on positive or negative impact that present the main statistical indicators of housing variables completes a series of international research in this direction and define the urban areas according to specific quality issues. Statistical analysis, correlated with social research methods and territorial identification of the main failures of housing contributes to the urban zoning areas and establishes the new research directions in the building of index that gives the expected results of all involved in the implementation of appropriate measures to improve the quality of housing conditions.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: housing quality, decent housing, poor housing, unsuitable housing, housing cost

Text integral/Full text