Performativitatea spaţiului public. Strategii legate de patrimoniul industrial / Performance of public space. Strategies for the industrial heritage [in Romanian]

Letiţia Bărbuică

Rezumat/Abstract. The paper introduces the concept of performativity as originally described by Judith Butler end explained by Neil Leach. The concept will be extended to the public space as a key factor in perceiving the city as it is described by mental maps. Overlapping the map of Bucharest's industrial heritage onto the mental map describing the safety perception in the city it will become evident that rehabilitating the industrial heritage has implication beyond saving a unique piece of history. In doing so the mental map of the city can be changed in some simple steps and the whole city can take advantage of this. The project of rehabilitation of former ”Cartea Românească” printing House is small example in this respect.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: industrial heritage, performativity, mental map, Bucharest

Text integral/Full text