Efectele crizei economice asupra sectorului de construcţii / Effects of the economic crisis on the construction sector [in Romanian]

Silviu Lambrache

Rezumat/Abstract. The worldwide economic crisis, starting in the latter half of 2008, has led to concerted efforts by governments worldwide to revive the economic cycle and develop ideas of how best to emerge from the crisis situation. In the wake of the international financial crisis and the ensuing global recession, the construction industry must prepare itself now to address the new economic reality and the sustainability imperative. The economic recession has affected all the regions of the world to a greater or lesser extent and, as few sectors have been worse hit than construction by this global recession, the state of the economies of the different regions of the world will determine prospects for the construction industry.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: economic crisis, constructions, financial crisis

Text integral/Full text