Analiza activităţilor economice in Zona Costieră a Mării Negre / Analysis of economic activities in Black Sea coastal area [in Romanian]

Cristina Burtea, Alina Chicoş, Ion Peleanu

Rezumat/Abstract. The Spatial Development Plan of the Romanian Black Sea Coastal Area committed by the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism for the Romanian Black Sea Coastal Area is meant to provide the territorial planning framework for the future implementation of Integrated Coastal Zone Management. This paper focuses on the analysis of the territorial spread of economic performance in various business sectors and, in particular of activities linked to tourism as one significant source of revenue in the area. The analytical method used proves to be a useful tool to identify the specific spatial pattern of structural profiles and employment within the network of urban and rural settlements while highlighting particular spatial disparities as compared to local resources.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: coastal zone, spatial planning, sustainable territorial development, economic potential, tourism

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