Consultarea publicului în documentaţiile de amenajarea teritoriului şi urbanism. Studiu de caz: Zonele Construite Protejate ale Municipiului Galaţi / Public consultation in spatial and urban plans. Case study: Galaţi built protected areas [in Romanian]

Raluca Petre, Constantin Chifelea

Rezumat/Abstract. The use statistical databases in urban and spatial planning is a necessity and a handicap of such documentation, large scale plans requires a large number of indicators, but their structure does not correspond fully in spatial planning. One of these methods of obtaining data to produce the most appropriate indicators is the participatory approach, based on engaging communities and groups in planning and decision making. The “Methodology for informing and consulting the public in the development or revision of spatial and urban plans" issued by order of Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, bring an improvement in the completion of these plans. In the substantiation studies conducted for Zone Urban Plan of the protected built area of Galaţi, a consultative method was chosen, based on a sociological survey questionnaire. It was found that the most serious problems are the renovation of heritage buildings, traffic congestion and water quality. The largest gaps identified in the study area are: lack of affordable housing, roads and air quality, public transportation, cultural life and shopping areas. Thus, the Galatians have prioritized the investment potential of the CBA; as a priority resulting into the rehabilitation of urban areas (streets, buildings, squares) and modernization of infrastructure.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: participation, research, planning, urban, databases

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