Calitatea condiţiilor de locuire în România, în perioada post-aderare la U.E. / Quality of habitat in Romania after joining the EU [in Romanian]

Daniel-Gabriel Vâlceanu, Diana-Georgiana Tămîrjan

Rezumat/Abstract. This study contains a post-adhering to European Union diagnosis of housing conditions. Statistics provided by the European Union Statistics Network, Eurostat, highlight the precariousness of housing quality, the main element of the quality of life. Statistical analysis of main housing quality indicators in the post-adhering period when our country gained the status of EU member indicate major differences between highly developed states and new Member States of this European structure, with particular problems in terms of standards development and thus quality of life.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: housing quality, adequate housing, housing indicators, overcrowding rate, housing cost overburden

Text integral/Full text