Organizarea şi finanţarea activităţii de cercetare într-o companie transnaţională. Studiu de caz / Organization and funding research in a trans-national company. Case study [in Romanian]

Henriette Szilagyi, Mircea-Iosif Rus

Rezumat/Abstract. Globalization, defined as an international system based on: the integrationist trend, the interconnection between markets, nation-states and technologies to an unprecedented level, is founded on two key global players – international economic organizations and transnational corporations. At the beginning of XXI century, transnational companies are regarded as one of the biggest challenges for the current economic international order, because their decisions influences a large national economies. Constantly, during the last years Lafarge has been classified among "The Most Sustainable 100 Corporations in the world." Through its major research center, specialized in building materials, Lafarge places innovation on the top of its priorities, in order to ensure sustainable construction and architectural creativity.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: research, financing, sustainability, concrete, cement

Text integral/Full text