Studii cu privire la soluţii de fundaţii utilizând plăci subţiri conice şi poliedrice / Studies of foundation solutions used thin conic and polyhedral plates [in Romanian]

Ion Scordaliu, Alina Tirtea

Rezumat/Abstract. Theoretical and experimental studies have been performed in order to determine the possibility of using thin plates as foundation solutions for frame structures. It was studied three types of solutions regarding the realization of isolated footing under columns using two types of thin plates: a)Conical plates with the top upward (element E1), respectively the top downward (element E2); b)Trunk of pyramid type of polyhedral plates (element E3). These two types of thin plates have been considered for the following reasons: –Favorable stress distribution in the foundation soil; –The stresses that occur within the thin plate are mainly compressive, which leads to a significant reduction of foundation reinforcement. –Reduced consumption of concrete and reinforcement.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: foundation (column footing), thin plates, stress distribution

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