Evaluarea în planificarea urbană, a planurilor urbanistice şi procesele de planificare / Evaluation of plans and processes in urban planning [in Romanian]

Andrei Ştefan Săbău

Rezumat/Abstract. This article brings to the forefront the process concerning evaluating planning, plans and the corresponding criteria in relation to the concept of evidence-based planning (as presented by authors in spatial planning like Simin Davoudi and Andreas Faludi). The subject revolves around two key questions: “Which is the most important aspect to take into account regarding planning at large?” and „ To what extent “evidence” (as discussed by the two authors) always are value-free and unbiased facts regardless of how they are interpreted”. It concludes with the assumption that without strong evidences the evaluation process is almost null, but in the same time, a well-made evaluation of a plan can pose as an evidence for accepting or rejecting a plan.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: evaluating planning, evidence-based planning, evaluation criteria

Text integral/Full text