Promovarea pardoselilor parchetate cu panouri originale de parchet stratificat din specii lemnoase autohtone / Promoting floors covered by original panels with stratified parquet produced of autochthon wood species [in Romanian]

Ghiorghiţă Nicolaie Comşa

Rezumat/Abstract. The paper aims to promote original parquet panels, triple- layered, designed and built at the University "Transilvania" of Brasov in collaboration with one of the major manufacturers of flooring in the country, a result of research contracts and studies at home and abroad, culminating with a PhD thesis, and published in several scientific articles and at international conferences. These panels were tested in laboratory conditions as interior floors in cabinets and offices, in heavy traffic areas; they have been tested and validated with test ballots by INCERC Bucharest. Recommended manufacturing technologies can be made both in woodworking shops of small and medium sized furniture as well as in existing furniture plants. Parquet panels of three layers are introducing to the wear layer and aesthetic new a wood species, less used industrially and for middle and lower layer they recommend species and varieties of lower quality, which can be higher exploited in this way.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: floor, parquet panels, wood species

Text integral/Full text