Amplificarea eficienţei energetice a construcţiilor prin metode pasive. Detalii şi principii specifice arhitecturii ecologice / Amplification of energy efficiency of buildings by passive methods. Details and principles specific to ecological architecture [in Romanian]

Marius Voica

Rezumat/Abstract. The article refers to the recording and use of the term "passive" in connection to green architecture. Easy to confuse when defining it, a “passive house” is, in fact, a sum of passive and active methods through which some predetermined performances for a building are reached. These passive methods influence the architectural concept and generate what might be called an aesthetics of sustainable architecture, through specific details. The aim of the article is to clarify these terms, and also to make a short presentation of a few passive methods, traditionally applied to vernacular buildings, as well as to describe some details and procedures connected to the passive use of solar energy: greenhouse and atrium, Trombe wall, double skin façade.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: passive house, sustainable architecture, passive solar system, double skin façade

Text integral/Full text