Direcţii de analiză şi cercetare privind evoluţia activităţii economice a unui municipiu-pol de dezvoltare urbană / Directions of analysis and research on the evolution of economic activities in a municipality with the status of pole of urban development [in Romanian]

Florin Marian Buhociu

Rezumat/Abstract. In Romania there are currently 13 municipalities, urban development poles, as they were defined by HGR/17.08.2008. We mention that the work presented is based on a study on the evolution of the economic foundation of economic activity Galati, study is part of the economic section of the city PUG, urban documentation being finalized and approved. Public services, state and private, were the focus of our attention, knowing that the quality of these services depends to a great extent the quality of life in today's natural and technological risk. We extended our research to the entire economic activity in the city, focusing on the evolution of the number of companies and the turnover of each of them. Based on the results we have identified and proposed several solutions to increase economic efficiency of firms in a municipality, including one who is a pole of urban development. Considering that by performing steps to identify and present by us work, along with intense documentation and research results from other cities of our country in this direction can obtain a true picture of both the current level of economic development a-pole city urban development and the direction in which it can develop by exploiting both the own resources and European funds.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: urban development pole, public services, commercial services, commercial structure and public services, public services and commercial potential

Text integral/Full text