Utilizarea reziduurilor calcaroase în producerea betoanelor spumate şi caracteristicile acestora / Use of limestone residuals in producing foam concrete and their characteristics [in Romanian]

Anatolie Izbînda

Rezumat/Abstract. The making of complex researches of resistance and compact properties of concrete on the base of limestone offal that contains a huge pitch of concrete components on the base of nominal materials. They studied three types of concrete based on residue from crushing limestone: concrete on small particles as filler in concrete were used to crushing limestone residues career Micăuti; carbonate concrete, the coarse-grained aggregate as they used limestone gravel career low, and as small aggregate - residues from crushing limestone in the same career; cheramzit concrete on gravel and waste from crushing limestone. These studies reveal general rules of these properties of concrete according to their characteristic structure.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: strength and compaction properties, concrete cheramzit, small particles

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