Studiul structurii betonului ca mediu de protecţie a armăturilor împotriva coroziunii / Study on the structure of concrete as a protective environment for enforcements against corrosion [in Romanian]

Gheorghe Croitoru

Rezumat/Abstract. The paper presents a study of the processes of reinforcement corrosion in concrete structures as a consequence of aggressive infiltration of water through cracks in the concrete. The rate of corrosion of reinforcement in concrete depends on the density and moisture content of concrete. Determine the effect of relative humidity (60 %, 80 %, 95 %) on the rate of reinforcement corrosion, cracks in the zone, held in thermo-hydrostatic cells at 50  C, at high concentrations of oxygen and carbon dioxide than the environment. Duration of tests, depending on the degree of aggressiveness of the medium ranged from several days to several months. During the tests, controlled temperature, relative humidity, gas concentration, humidity of the concrete and the environment. When humidity variation from 35 to 60 %, the resistance of concrete increases slightly. With increasing relative humidity up to 80 % or more, the ohmic resistance decreases and the corrosion of reinforcement can have rapid development.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: corrosion in concrete structures, rate of corrosion, cracks in concrete, aggressiveness of the medium

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