Evoluţia preţului de deviz şi a structurii acestuia pentru realizarea obiectelor de construcţii / Evolution of estimate price and its structure for construction objects [in Romanian]

Mircea Lazăr

Rezumat/Abstract. The necessity to prepare such a paper was generated by the need to monitor the evolution of the estimated costs of building works from their commencement till completion, in relation to the evolution of prices of building materials and installations included in the respective works, the evolution of hourly wage of labour involved in the construction of such works and the costs related to hiring the necessary building equipment and machinery. In addition, the paper can be used to estimate, at later times (quarter) the costs of building works similar to those examined in this paper. The goal of this paper is defined by the creation of a high performance monitoring system for the cost estimate of building works based on an operational software that enhance the efficiency of the decision-making process.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: costs, construction object, price index

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