Principii de bază privind metodologia costurilor pe ciclul de viaţă al construcţiilor la nivel european / Base principles of building life cycle methodology at the European level [in Romanian]

Silviu Lambrache

Rezumat/Abstract. Making life-cycle cost methodology is an acknowledgment of the need for Europe-wide methodology for life cycle buildings costs. The aim of this study is to provide a methodological framework for the universal application of lifetime costs in the construction sector in the EU, without trying to replace specific approaches for every country. The study involves the treatment cost of a construction project in view not only design and execution period but also quantification of the subsequent operating and after use costs. The methodology of life cycle costs of constructions is used to compare alternatives that meet the same functional requirements, or to assess the impact of production, operation and decommissioning of an asset throughout its entire life cycle, especially financially and economically. The proposed methodology is primarily aimed at the beneficiaries of public sector in EU Member States but may be used by customers in the private sector.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: costs, construction, life cycle

Text integral/Full text