Metode energetice aplicate în analiza datelor obţinute experimental (conceptul punctului de balans) / Energy methods used in experimental data analysis (concept of balance point) [in Romanian]

Adrian-Constantin Diaconu

Rezumat/Abstract. The actual urban material and energetic metabolism is a concept that considers both the m In the last period, methods and procedures based on energy concepts were often used in experimental and theoretical research programs, trying this way to improve the design practice, pointing out the evolving character of the seismic phenomena. The paper deals with features regarding: stiffness degradation and dissipated energy relations analysis; structures domain of behavior limits based on the evolution of the energy balance equation components, during the experimental tests; calculate domain definition based on the balance point. The results are based on experimental data obtained on R/C frame models, simple or infilled with masonry (simple masonry, reinforced masonry and masonry retrofitted with reinforced jackets), build on full scale and tested on monotonic increasing and cyclic - alternate forces. All tests were performed at URBAN INCERC - Branch of Iassy seismic station.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: experimental tests, energy methods, masonry infield frames, monotonic test, balance point

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